SUSE Expert Days in Southfield Michigan

Always fun to go to an Expert Days event wherever I am and meet up with my friends and colleagues at SUSE!

This event was October 2nd at the Westin Southfield, a very nice hotel in an upscale area, and unusual for the area, great access to parking!

Expert Days are the logical evolution of the old Linux Days that I (aw shucks…) helped create back in the 2004-2006 timeframe while I was a Sales Engineer in the East Region for SUSE.

The premise is to get folks together for a fun day of technical information that can be helpful to them, showcasing cool things that SUSE does and that we as sysadmins/developers/devops can do with SUSE products.

The morning kicked off with Dr. Alan Clark giving a great keynote, he’s a valued SUSE employee and is also the Chairman of the OpenStack Foundation, plus has been around for much of Open Source’s growth.  Alan is a great guy and while somewhat mild-mannered, he is super keen on making sure that we all are ready for the upcoming changes to our computing environments, and the crowd really loved his talk.

Next up were Jeff Lindholm, Todd Vydick and utterly incomparable Don Vosburg, and they walked the crew through the latest in Containers as a Service, SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Storage, providing a lot of information and great humor, making a somewhat dry topic very easy to get through.

SUSE does a lot of these events throughout the region and across the world, if you feel like you want to know more about the products and how they work, or even just need to pick up on what’s coming up in our fast-moving technical world, go see where they are going to be next and sign up, it’s Free as in Free!

SUSE Expert Days Event Calendar

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