DOS Power Tools: Book Review

dos-power-tools_cover-shotI’ll just say it, there are two books that really set me up for my career in this industry, the first being PC Magazine’s DOS Power Tools by Paul Somerson, who sadly is no longer with us. 

I bought the book at the PX in Weisbaden FRG and took it with me on my Christmas and New Year’s leave that year. 

I literally devoured the entire book in a 2 week period and it’s over 1300+ pages long.  Got a little indigestion in the Edlin and Debug chapters, but it set the course for my career all the way up into my UNIX days and even longer.

I tell people in my classes, you need to find your “DOS Power Tools” for your, and this age.

I will not miss typing in those debug scripts by hand, but I cannot tell you how much it helped me learn and in such a quick time, I am forever indebted to the spirt of Paul Somerson, wherever he may be.

Rest Well, Paul.

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